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Review: Finding the Christmas Spirit by Mira Day

Amazon blurb:
Trish is ready for December to be over. With a dead car battery making her late for work, a love life that seems to require more effort than she can handle, and a nagging mother whose good intentions create unnecessary stress, Trish just doesn't see how her Christmas mood will ever be lifted. Add to the mix a couple of rude customers, and she's stretched to her breaking point. Until she meets Gabriel, an angel who offers her a chance for healing and transformation, reminding her of the true meaning of the holiday season.

This short story depicts Trish having a really, really bad day. Everything happens all at once: her car breaks down, her mother doesn't know when to stop pushing, and the customers she's dealing with at work turned my knuckles white while reading. It's totally understandable that Trish isn't feeling all that Christmasy. And then her boyfriend drops his news bombshell. Although this might not sound like the typical Christmas story, it ultimately proves that the Christmas spirit exists in all of us as long as we're willing to let it out.

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