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Title: Some are more appreciated than others
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In the National Football League Zach Brown Jersey ( , as you'd expect, there are phenomenal players throughout every single conceivable position on the gridiron.  but for the most part, if you're a truly elite or notable player then you're likely to be remembered throughout the course of your entire playing career.Which, of course Kyler Murray Jersey ( , makes it somewhat odd that the following 20 individuals finished their time in the NFL away from the team they spent most of their career with - and very few casual fans would be able to tell you that. Whether it be due to a lack of offers elsewhere or financial gain, these guys took the risk and went somewhere new to finish off their days on the turf.Now before we get into this list, we must inform you that we simply are not going to count the 'one-day contracts' that numerous legends sign in order to retire in style. That doesn't make any sense in our mind, so for the sake of this piece, we're going with the team that they last played for in a competitive sense.The sheer volume of Super Bowl titles that have been shared between these 20 individuals should tell you all that you need to know about their abilities Byron Murphy Jersey ( , and while some of them may have lost their touch ever so slightly, we shouldn't forget what they did for the game.So with all of that being said, let's join together to take a trip down American football's memory lane. Le'Veon Bell has become enemy number one in Pittsburgh because of his public requests for a higher salary. Bell has spoken about his dissatisfaction toward his pay to TMZ reporters and even posted a picture about being a villain to the fanbase of Pittsburgh because of his opinions. His exact words were:"It's so hard to be a hero in a city that tries to paint you out to be a villain." With Bell's contract set to expire at the end of the season and clear anger between both sides of the matter, it is time for the Pittsburgh Steelers to trade Bell. The bridge has been completely burned by both sides and Bell's social media outburst is what has derailed it. The Steelers must part ways with him before this becomes even more of a distraction.With all that stated, in this article we will be looking at eight teams who should trade for Le'Veon Bell and eight more who have no chance. It is important to note that any NFL team would love to have Bell on their roster Andy Isabella Jersey ( , but his attitude and/or salary request may be what keeps certain teams away. Bell is the type of player that every rebuilding team should avoid picking up because he would likely end up leaving them the first chance he would get. Teams need to be extremely careful in pursuing Bell because he is set to become a free agent after next season and may choose to test the market. Yet, with a star like Bell, any NFL team's chances of winning would increase immensely.Nonetheless, let's look at the eight teams who should trade for Le'Veon Bell and eight who have no chance!