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Power of Love by Anne Conley
Hello folks!

So I just finished book one of Anne Conley's Book B!tches series: Power of Love.
I loved it! The story follows Vanessa, just a girl looking for her independence. She moves to a place called Mystic, Texas, where the entire town is run over with ghosts. Like, it's just an everyday thing. Every person and place has a ghost and you can tell they're around by a smell. Very interesting take, I think!

Anywho, Vanessa buys this run down little cabin and hires Linc to help her fix it up. One thing leads to another and before you know it, heat and chemistry are thick between the two of them  ;)  ;)

Anne Conley has a great way of introducing a band of characters that feed well off each other, giving each one a unique story that drives the reader to the next book. A great example, her Pierce Securities series. Hell, she was even able to tie the two series together.

Right now, she has it for just .99 cent so if you're intrigued, better jump on it!


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Re: Power of Love by Anne Conley
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Thank You for suggesting it, MiraDay. I've already made up my mind to start from CHAPS, so this one will go to my bookmarks for now.